“This program enabled me to focus on the things that would have the greatest impact.”

Fred Holgate, Managing Director at 7-Eleven

A Team Approach to Executive Coaching

Our Two Areas of Coaching

Find a New Job or Career

We will coach you to find a more rewarding and fulfilling role. As executive recruiters we know what employers are looking for and can coach you to land the meaningful job you want.

Coaching Specifics:

  • Define your goal.
  • Identify & contact potential employers.
  • Develop your resume.
  • Mock Interview.
  • Arrange Informational interviews.
  • Networking skills development.

The approach we take works across industries and levels.

Raise Your Competitive Edge

We coach you through your specific situation. Whether you need to strengthen your skill set, want to position yourself for advancement, or want to improve your relationships at work, we can effectively coach you to be more successful.

Coaching Specifics:

  • Weekly coaching to get you on track and regular measuring to ensure progress.
  • Action items focused on your goal.

Our executive coaching is designed for maximum results in a very short period of time.

As an outgrowth of our coaching we wrote “GOAL! Your 30 Day Game Plan for Business & Career Success”. The book is #4 out of 13,000 goal books on Amazon and has been endorsed by CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies.